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Galba: going back 2200 years

One of the theories about the origin of the surname Galba is that the name was derived from Galbanum. According Suetonius (a historian who wrote " the life of Galba") it is because some think that it was after having for a long time unsuccessfully besieged a town in Spain, he at last set fire to it by torches smeared with galbanum, others because during a long illness he made constant use of galbeum, that is to say of remedies wrapped in wool.

Records discribing the first Galba I could trace back goes back to 211 B.C.


Galba Coin Reference:

Galba Coin ReferencePowered by an Access database the more then 760 unique entries of authentic coins and about 35 forgeries , are published here through a detailed PDF coinsheet. The database is continuously updated and the information it contains, is handled with the utmost care and precision.

Sulpicia Galba Gens

GALBA: the name of a patrician family of the Sulpicia gens: originally patrician, and afterwards plebeian likewise. It was one of the most ancient Roman gentes, and produced a succession of distinguished men, from the foundation of the republic to the imperial period.

Networking: Galba worldwide

FacebookFor decades I was completely convinced I knew every Galba in existence, but the international whitepages, phonebooks and the internet are telling me otherwise...
So to start this awesome and fun Galba Network  - I call on you - all the Galba's in cyberspace - to report yourself.

Under investigation:

Images of Crassus are look-alike of those of Galba, and for the moment is an explanation for this is being left out. Some minor leads are being followed up to find out more.


Galba Busts and statues are scattered over museums and private collections all over the world. GalbaDotNet tries to get hold on location, origin and images of the artwork. more...

Galba survived already for 2 millenia: now tracking any present Galba. more...

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